12 Wooden Kitchen Ideas That Prove the Material’s Versatility

12 Wooden Kitchen Ideas That Prove the Material’s Versatility

The Konvent Kitchen from Berlin-based studio Der Raum reflects several trends that are currently going strong in the high-end kitchen segment: a lavish use of high-quality, natural materials; a minimalist, timeless design language; and beautifully crafted appliances.

Use a statement material next to wood

Wooden kitchen backsplash mirrored green onyx kitchen island oak wood cabinets

Designer Constanze Ladner, whose studio is based in Mainz, Germany, wanted to create a kitchen that responds to its location alongside a garden.

Photo: Svetlana Shadrina

To bring nature indoors, designer Constanze Ladner created the wall paneling, cabinets, and parquet flooring in this kitchen from light oak wood. The wood creates a frame for the island, which is made from a statement apple-green onyx. The wood is almost “like an embrace,” according to Constanze. The seating area with a round table at the other side of the room also adds to the cozy feeling.

Contrast wood with a pop of color

Wooden kitchens Open plan checkerboard tiled burgundy kitchen island tiles

Oak cabinets atop brass legs are happy to play supporting roles to the tiled island in the center of this kitchen.

Photo: GRT Architects

In New York’s hip East Village, the team at GRT Architects, based in Brooklyn, used oak wood and burgundy tiles to create a chic kitchen built on contrasts between colors and materials.