33 Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas To Fall In Love With

33 Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas To Fall In Love With

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Hidden storage

small space bedroom ideas

When it comes to storage in a small bedroom, shelving and extra rails will always provide you with extra places to pop your belongings.

‘Having a smaller bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean having fewer clothes. With clever storage compartments such as GIMSE, clothes can be sorted and stored away whilst keeping the room looking tidy,’ explains Clotilde Passalacqua, interior design leader at IKEA UK and Ireland. ‘Make the most of the wardrobe space by using SLÄKTING storage compartments to organise clothes in an efficient and smart way.’

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A dramatic canopy

small bedroom ideas canopy
George Home

If your bed is the only thing you can fit in your small bedroom, you can make a real feature of it by choosing a four poster with a wonderful draped canopy. This can be fashioned easily from a length of material – a soft cotton or linen would be a good choice.

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Make use of every corner

small space bedroom ideas
Farrow & Ball

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Add colour through accessories

small space bedroom ideas
House Beautiful

A white room will enhance space and brightness, so introduce colourful accents through accessories and furniture instead. This sweet design scheme relies on bright, chalky pastels to add colour without detracting from the airy and bright feel of the room.

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Wall panelling

small bedroom ideas
Courtesy of Topology

Work with your layout

full home renovation in south east london victorian terrace modernised kitchen bedrooms living room dining room and bathroom
Malcolm Menzies

A slanted roof will inevitably compromise space in a small bedroom, but this can be optimised with fitted wardrobes. This fabulous blush pink example with stylish brass hardware is a feature unto itself.

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small space bedroom ideas

This super-small bedroom has utilised a tiny return to layer some simple frames and artwork, creating a makeshift mini gallery wall.

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All-over colour

small space bedroom ideas
Farrow & Ball

‘To create the feeling of more space in a small room, stick to one single colour, this will help create more space as with no point of reference and no contrasts, you’re less aware of where things stop and start,’ explains Charlotte Cosby, head of creative at Farrow & Ball.

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Storage beds

small bedroom ideas greige
Simon Bevan

‘When looking to kit out a small bedroom, being able to move freely around the bedroom is key to making sure you don’t bump your shins on clutter left around the floor. Think about investing in a storage bed either with drawers or with an ottoman lift, or if your budget prevents this, consider separate wheeled drawers that you can slide under the existing bed – just make sure you check the height from floor to bed,’ says Caitlin Price, head of buying, furniture & flooring at John Lewis & Partners.

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Airy boho hues

small space bedroom ideas

When decorating small bedrooms, one of the best ways to maximise space is to use light and fresh colours. Hues such as soft sorbet pinks, greys or whites will help to ensure the room feels bigger. Boho styles lend themselves to small spaces owing to their soft colourways and an embrace of careful clutter.

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Black accents

small bedroom ideas

Blocks of black will always draw the eye, so exercise caution with how and where you place them in a small bedroom. You may want to use them to draw attention to your best light source, or to direct the flow of your room to a focal point like your bed.

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Sofa beds

small bedroom ideas sofa bed

The ultimate solution for small bedrooms, and particularly handy if you live in a studio flat. Sofa beds have come on in leaps and bounds in terms of comfort and the variety of styles available. We’re partial to our very own Darcy sofa bed at DFS in this contemporary pink velvet.

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Fitted wardrobes

small bedroom ideas fitted wardrobe
Jake Seal

Fitted wardrobes are a must in small spaces, especially if they are configurable, like the House Beautiful Realm Fitted Wardrobe at Homebase. These space-savers can wrap around corners, provide floor-to-ceiling storage and accommodate the most awkward configurations in a small bedroom.

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A loft bed

small space bedroom ideas

The ideal solution if your small bedroom is short on floor space but generous in height – a loft bed can free up room for a sofa or a desk area. These work especially well in tiny guest bedrooms. Select something light and airy, like this pale-toned pine loft bed from IKEA, with a slim and unobtrusive frame.

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Create a feature wall

small bedroom ideas feature wall
Bert & May

Go bold with a statement feature wall in your small bedroom. An all-over wallpaper can be a bit imposing in an already small room, but having just one standout wall will create a bright statement. Play around with Scandi-style wooden panelling or an innovative tile.

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Faux headboard

small bedroom ideas headboard
Photography Rachel Whiting, Styling Hannah Deacon, Production Sarah Keady

This clever faux headboard has actually been fashioned from a simple MDF panel. It serves dual purpose as a shelf too, here used for some invigorating springtime blooms, but equally useful to hold books, lamps or bedside essentials.

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Statement bed

small space bedroom ideas
Furniture Village

Don’t be afraid to add a large statement bed into a smaller room. Other furniture pieces can be worked around it, and there’s always the option to add storage underneath. Whether you opt for a bed with drawers to pop additional belongings, or you only have room for a few boxes, under bed storage means you can still have that statement bed of your dreams.

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Overhead storage

small space bedroom ideas

Overhead units are an excellent way to add extra storage when you are short on floor space. These IKEA storage units are just 42cm in depth, perfect for tidying away books, accessories, extra bedding or towels without taking up valuable inches in a small bedroom. We love the idea of adding a narrow desk underneath for the ultimate multifunctional space.

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Miniaturise your bedside table

small space bedroom ideas
House Beautiful

Invigorating styling

small bedroom ideas colour
Oliver Bonas

Mood is just as important as clever storage or visual trickery in making a small bedroom appear bigger. Here, zesty and energising colours and springtime florals can inject some life into the most diminutive of rooms.


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