7 small balcony ideas to bookmark for your next home renovation

7 small balcony ideas to bookmark for your next home renovation

Continuing the design language of the house, arched niches can function as a design element to the balcony, as well as elements of cultural display. Either through artefacts or motif murals, niches garner attention due to their eccentric design sensibility. The design needed a careful, well-balanced approach to create a dialogue between colour, pattern and materiality. Niches can also serve as the perfect backdrop for a mini seating area in the balcony.

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Concealed Storage Unit

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Wall doubles up as a door for a storage unit.

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Contributing to the need for storage in a house, a balcony wall can be extended by an artificial wall acting as a compartmental door to conceal a storage unit behind. The door can be modified according to the rest of the balcony design, to ensure a cohesive identity. Elements like hanging wall planters or framed artworks can accommodate such a transformation seamlessly.

Installing a Swing

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A view of a Nakashima-inspired swing or hichko, seen from the dining room.

Suryan and Dang