Bedsure’s on-trend products for Autumn and Winter 2021

Leading home comfort firm Bedsure has unveiled a series of products aligning with interior trends for autumn and winter 2021.

Bedsure, with more than 50 bestselling products listed on Amazon, has built a five-million-strong customer base across the UK, Europe, US, Canada and Japan.

Its products include everything from blankets and pillowcases to sheet sets and comforter sets, with many reflecting global interior design and decoration trends.

Key publications like Ideal Home, Better Homes and Gardens, Livingetc and Trend Book have already highlighted this year’s major trends, and these trends have influenced the new range from Bedsure below.

Classic Style: Bedsure Marble Pattern Microfiber Bedding Set

Classic, like the colour black, is never out of fashion. By choosing classic, customers are adding elegance, timelessness and a certain sophistication to their home.

A particularly classic feature is marble, as seen in Bedsure’s Marble Pattern Bedding Set. Made from a soft microfiber with a fast and easy zipper, the Bedsure duvet cover set and matching shams are available in grey on white, white on grey and white on black marble pattern designs.

Nature-Inspired Colours: Bedsure Tree Branch Duvet Cover

A definite trend for 2021, as highlighted by a number of interior design magazines, is the return of nature and earth-inspired colours. With quarantine and coronavirus restrictions a feature of so many lives in the past 18 months, earth colours help people to feel more grounded, even when they’re inside the home. Greens, browns and greys help to suggest a nature-like experience inside. Coming in gray and ivory, blue and ivory navy blue and ivory, Bedsure’s Tree Branch Duvet Cover gives people a stronger sense of nature in the comfort of their own home. 

Honest Home Comfort: Bedsure Wearable blanket

In many people’s minds, home is intrinsically associated with a feeling of comfort and cosiness. Post-Covid, many have sought to create as warm and welcoming a feel in their homes as possible, even down to blocking up cold draughts or just softening up a living room with fabrics. Bedsure’s Wearable Blanket helps to make any home comfortable and cosy, with the full-body blanket featuring uber-soft 100% microfibre to retain warmth. Its long sleeves also provide warmth and comfort while a cocoon-like bottom offers freedom of movement and warmth for feet and legs. Simply gorgeous.

Natural Materials: Bedsure Cotton Waffle Weave Blanket

2021 has witnessed a renewed focus on natural, plant-based materials and fibres, such as rattan, cotton, hemp, linen and jute. Based on nature, these fabrics are usually breathable, soft and comfortable and align beautifully with renewed interior design interest in deep green, blue and other natural colours.

Bedsure’s Cotton Waffle Weave Blanket consists of 100% cotton fibre, an enduringly popular natural bedding option, and features a soft fabric and textured waffle-like pattern on the front and back sides. Whether for a movie night or simply as a decorative feature on a sofa, this is a lightweight and sumptuous choice. Available in grey, dark grey and blue, this Bedsure blanket comes in a single or double size and is a versatile, gorgeously soft and lightweight option.

Nordic: Bedsure Single-Colour Microfiber Duvet Cover Set

A Nordic-inspired interior, with its functionality and simple yet effective design, offers a feeling of comfort, peace and understated sophistication. Through the use of light colours, wooden floors or walls, a Nordic interior is an effective way to maximise natural light and clutter-free spaces in a home.

A vibrant hue – without being flashy or extravagant – is a feature of Bedsure’s Duvet Set and makes a perfect addition to a Nordic-influenced home. This Bedsure duvet cover also includes two pillowcases and eight corner ties, keeping everything in place. With clean seam lines and a minimalist design, this duvet cover set is a lovely accompaniment to any Nordic style bedroom. Available in five colours including teal and black, this duvet cover set is also very versatile and can be used in a master bedroom, guest bedroom or children’s bedroom.


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Bedsure has over 50 bestselling home products in 8 countries, including the US and the UK. We have been featured and mentioned in reputable publications like Country Living, Forbes, BestReviews, USA Today, Glamour, CNN, New York Magazine, Bustle and Huffpost UK. While we’ve grown into a global company with diverse products to meet different customer needs, our focus on comfortable home products and everyday value stays the same.

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