Big Brother 23: A Full Tour Inside The BB23 House

Explore the Big Brother 23 house in full detail. Take a look inside each room in the BB23 house, which is being called BB Beach Club.

The Big Brother 23 house is being called “BB Beach Club,” and we have all the details that fans want to check out about this Monte Carlo-inspired house where the BB23 players will be competing for $500,000 all summer long. Every year, the fans anticipate getting to know the Big Brother house as much as they look forward to meeting the cast members. In the past, notable house themes included “Good vs. Evil” (BB7), Tokyo/1980s (BB14), urban treehouse (BB16), international travel (BB18), and technology (BB20), among others.

Last year, the Big Brother 22: All-Stars house was dubbed the “All-Star Loft.” Because it was an All-Stars season, the entire house featured references to iconic Big Brother quotes and moments from the past 21 seasons of the show. Oftentimes, the themes and decoration items inside a BB house set the tone for what twists will be popping up throughout the season, and serve as the backdrops to new and unforgettable moments that will take place on the show.

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It had long been teased that Big Brother 23 would be a beach-themed season about making bets and taking risks. Now, CBS has released pictures and videos from the BB23 house. The nickname for the house is “BB Beach Club,” and it’ll feature decor items making reference to ships, fish, and the ocean. You can watch a full tour of the BB23 house in the video below. Otherwise, keep reading to learn even more details about the new house.

The Seaview Lobby (Living Room)

The living room of Big Brother 23 is dubbed the “Seaview Lobby.” Different shades of blue are all over the room as accent colors. In turn, the BB23 sofa is mostly just a bright beige. The center table between the two sofas has a unique design where oversized playing cards serve as the legs.

Shark Kitchen (Kitchen)

The BB23 kitchen, a.k.a. the “Shark Kitchen,” has a predominantly wooden aesthetic with metal-looking details. Above the mirrors, the kitchen features a massive wall plaque in the shape of a shark, as well as a wallpaper that is illustrated with drawings of fish and sharks.

The VIP Cabana (Head of Household Bedroom)

This year, each Head of Household will get the chance to sleep inside the “VIP Cabana.” In direct opposition to the dark/sleek HOH room featured on BB22, the HOH room on BB23 is bright and loud. This certainly looks like a much more welcoming environment for HOHs and their allies to strategize in private.

The Reef Room (Side Bedroom)

The side bedroom on Big Brother 23 is being called the “Reef Room.” There are three beds in this bedroom, which all face one another. At the center, there’s a massive, spiky artificial reef. From first impressions, it looks like someone could stab their feet while trying to get out of a bed.

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The Sea Glass Room (Front Bedroom)

In turn, the front bedroom on BB23 is called the “Sea Glass Room.” Yet again, all the beds in this room face each other – which facilitates interactions but can also become inconvenient for houseguests that might not get along. Overall, this room has an orange and aqua aesthetic.

The Yacht Club (Back Bedroom)

The most aesthetically impressive bedroom on Big Brother 23 is the “Yacht Club” room. It is very nautical-themed, and unlike the other bedrooms, all beds face the same direction. This is the back bedroom of the house, and it looks like a more private place for introverted players.

The Poker Chip Parlor (Upstairs Lounge)

Historically, the contestants love hanging out in the upstairs lounge in the Big Brother house. This year, the lounge is being called the “Poker Chip Parlor.” This is always a nice spot for the houseguests to cuddle in and chit-chat about the game. In fact, more game conversations are prone to happening here than in the actual bedrooms.

The Spa (Indoor Gym & Bathroom)

The BB23 house features an indoor gym that is said to have walls with soundproofing. This seems a great room for game talk, even if a player doesn’t actually want to work out. Because the gym is right next to the bathroom, production is calling this general area “The Spa.”

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Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8pm ET/PT on CBS.

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