Decoration Badroom

Dorm decor ideas according to interior designers


As college kids prepare to head to campus this fall, one thing’s for sure — their dorm shopping experience is nothing like the days of yore. Today’s students are completely making over their dorm rooms, adding their own style and personalities to the spaces via temporary and (mostly)

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Pattern and Decoration in American Art 1972-1985′

Installation view of “Fringe.” Photography courtesy of Denny Dimin Gallery.

Writing wall labels for an exhibition at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles in 2016 led to curator Anna Katz’s discovery of an American art movement from 1970s. “After completing a Ph.D. in contemporary art,

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5 Bedroom Home in Waco – $599,000 |

Waco’s truly coveted historical homes are few and far between. Scattered across the city in both emerging and well established neighborhoods, the homes with true cache rarely come to market and instead, trade hands privately amongst friends and family. Even in such a discrete collection of homes, when discussions focus

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