Herringbone Flooring and More Kitchen Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2024

Herringbone Flooring and More Kitchen Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2024

Coffee Corners

coffee bar in kitchen
Malka Helft

“A growing trend is the incorporation of dedicated coffee corners in breakfast areas: Homeowners are requesting coffee bars that can store coffee, tea, breakfast foods, fruit, cups, bowls and other essentials. This dedicated space allows for a convenient and stylish way to start the day.” — Malka Helft, Think Chic Interiors


Brass Accents

kitchen with blue cabinets and brass accents
Genevieve Garruppo

“In 2024, we expect brass accents to continue trending in popularity. Versatile by nature, brass exudes a classic and timeless appeal that creates a sense of sophistication in both traditional and modern design environments. It also creates visual interest and contrast by allowing other key design elements and materials — such as marble or wood — to shine, making it a popular choice amongst our clientele.” — Paul Kropp, Bakes & Kropp


Custom Hoods

white kitchen with hidden hood
Lauren Taylor

“The trend of a custom hood — but at an affordable cost — is making its way into the kitchen. The hidden hood is really making a run for it and will continue because it gives people options on how to make that piece interesting and unique. It can be simple with different shaped drywall around it, and it can be designed with tile, metal or stone around it along with many other materials.” Linda Hayslett, LH.Designs

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Appliance Cabinets

white kitchen with marble island and wood cabinets
Jennifer Fisher

“I foresee a trend of more appliance garages coming back. We’ve been doing appliance garages for a while now, and they are a great way to keep all of your small appliances accessible without the clutter.” — Jennifer Fisher, J. Fisher Interiors


Layers of Color

a kitchen sink with a beautiful pattern tiled backsplash with a chrome faucet, black granite countertops, and surrounded by blue and wood cabinets
Joe Hendrickson//Getty Images

Herringbone Floors

kitchen with black and white marble and herringbone floor
Courtesy of Ashley Stark

“Herringbone is one of my favorite designs, which dates back to the ancient Roman Empire. The design has had a recent resurgence with designers and architects using it in everything from tile to textiles and I really love how it looks in a kitchen. For the kitchen in our New York City townhouse, we used herringbone for the hardwood floors to open up the space. Our kitchen is the heart of our home, and the floors really add to the warmth and coziness.” Ashley Stark, Ashley Stark Home and STARK

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Shades of Green

green kitchen cabinets

“Green really is a hit in kitchen designs these days, and it’s easy to see why. It’s got that fresh, natural feel, reminding us of the great outdoors right in our homes. It can go from a calm sage to a snazzy emerald, fitting into all kinds of kitchen styles, whether you’re going for a laid-back vibe or something super chic. Plus, it pairs well with various materials such as wood and unique metals.” Marie Cloud, Indigo Pruitt

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Freeform Islands

kitchen with marble island and banquette

“A kitchen island does not have to conform to industry standards or conventional expectations. Instead, it can adapt to the room’s unique footprint and the surrounding space, transforming into an intriguing object as the focal point in the room and establishing a strong connection with the adjacent area. Working within oddly-shaped spaces can spark creativity and encourage the opportunity to break away from standard conventions.” Philip Consalvo, PJCArchitecture


3-D Tiles

kitchen with 3d tiles and blue cabinets
Natalia Robert

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kitchen with wall art
Lauren Taylor

“One trend that’s making its way into the kitchen is artwork. People are seeing the kitchen as not only a utilitarian place to make food anymore. It’s the heart of the home, so we are adding interesting, fun and conversational art pieces to the kitchen.” – Linda Hayslett, LH.Designs


Organic Tones

kitchen with wood cabinets
Natalia Robert

“While warm, organic kitchens have been in style for a while now, there’s a big increase in their popularity — exposed beams, light oak cabinetry, antique bronze hardware and zellige tile backsplashes are just a few examples. Instead of white cabinets mixed with wood cabinets, there is more of light wood combined with mid to dark wood tones being used, creating a warm, dynamic and timeless vibe. One of our favorites is white oak mixed with natural walnut!” Jennifer Verruto, Blythe Interiors


Metal Kitchens

kitchen with metal island

“One trend we think will gain significant traction in 2024 is metal kitchens. This concept integrates various metals in different sheens (matte versus polished versus patinated). This trend celebrates the blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, offering a fresh take on kitchen design. The introduction of these elements can transform an old kitchen into a modern and distinct space.” — Adam Hunter, Adam Hunter Studio

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Multifunctional Islands

kitchen with large multifunctional island
Ryan Fung Photography

“The kitchen island is evolving beyond a mere cooking and dining area; it is becoming a dynamic space that adapts to the diverse needs and activities of modern lifestyles. In some designs, we even incorporate more than one island to further enhance functionality and aesthetics, creating distinct zones within the kitchen for different purposes.” — Bahar Zaeem, RZ Interiors and National Kitchen & Bath Association


Beverage Centers

beverage center
Fred Donham/PhotographerLink

“Beverage centers are rising to the top of desired items to include in a kitchen. Beverage centers now include coffee/tea service, water dispensers, undercounter refrigeration and frozen goods storage for smoothies, shakes and acai bowls.” — Elizabeth Valentina, National Kitchen & Bath Association


Shaker Cabinet Panels

kitchen with shaker cabinet panels

“We’re seeing a lot of interest in ‘Slim Shaker’ cabinetry, which is somewhere in between a flat slab door and a traditional Shaker door. This transitional style features slimmer trim detailing for an elevated look.” Philip Consalvo, PJCArchitecture

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Custom Appliances

white kitchen
Zeke Ruelas

“From specialty handles on Monogram appliances to integrated controls on cabinet faces by Wolf, the kitchen is getting a facelift in the small details. Whether you want to match range controls to your plumbing selections, or go for a pop of color to contrast, custom options are expanding. Where appropriate, these subtle upgrades bring character and individualization into a room in the house that used to be sterile and standardized. No more!” Brad Ramsey, Brad Ramsey Interiors


Natural Wood

wood kitchen
Ryan Fung Photography

“We have observed a notable shift in the preference for natural wood, particularly the white oak wood species with its rift cut grains. This choice has become increasingly prevalent in modern home design trends, especially when used on cabinetry. The distinct rift cut grains of white oak add a touch of sophistication and a contemporary edge to the overall aesthetic.” Shima Radfar, National Kitchen & Bath Association


Statement Wallpaper

kitchen with wallpaper
Courtesy of Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove

“Next year, I expect to see more statement wallpaper taking over – less of the neutrals and more bold patterns and colors that will become the focal point of the space. This can be incorporated in a number of different design styles, which will make it an interesting trend to see across the industry. I love adding statement wallpaper within the kitchen; it can be so unexpected and when paired with classic stainless steel appliances, it lets the bold designs stand out.” Hilary Matt, Hilary Matt Interiors, Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove

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