Home Renovation & Building Expert With 15+ Years’ Experience Offers New DE-MAZING Service

Monika Zasada helps homeowners navigate the maze of design considerations, pre-construction, construction and closeout.

“Poof! is how quickly my money disappeared,” “My home reno went to hell in a handbasket!” “My builder walked out in the middle of my project,” are what one hears too often.

According to Monika Zasada, dysfunctional building industry’s practices and lack of comprehensive service and education for homeowners are the reasons why most projects turn into horror stories.

Zasada, as a home construction curator, works with homeowners — from a mere idea of a project in their head, through planning and blueprints to the final touches of interior design.

“I will be there from the ‘Aha!’ moment to the Zen-like feeling of your house warming party, including all the mind-boggling in-betweens,” she shared.

The expert, skillfully navigating the maze and complexity of each project, saves money and time by value engineering and schedule optimization respectively. Her expertise prevents many a nervous breakdowns and exceeds expectations of her clients. All these are performed as a done-for-you service called DE-MAZING.

In her role as a curator, Zasada acts as a design consultant, an owner’s representative, a project manager and a construction therapist. Her clients get the services of four professionals for the price of one. One of them shared this: “I find Monika to be a very cost-effective expert to work with as she is very mindful of the importance to the client of the bottom line. She will seek to bring the right high-quality result without it costing more than it should.” Another shared, “My project turned out even better than I had expected.”

Aside from curating projects from inception to completion, Zasada offers an online course, “Nail It!” It teaches how to make renovation and construction a success. “Her teachings are priceless” is what one homeowner said. “I wanted to learn exactly how to prepare for my project, how to save money and how to have fun in the process. I got it all in spades with Monika,” said another.

Zasada was featured in Business Insider. She shared her best personal finance tips and a story of starting with $10.00 in her pocket when she landed in the United States from Poland.

More information and a link to a waitilist for the course can be found at https://www.de-mazing.com/services.


DE-MAZING is a home construction and renovation service provided by an expert curator of home construction, Monika Zasada.

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