How to get the look of a $1600 bedroom for under $250 with Big W dupes

How to get the look of a 00 bedroom for under 0 with Big W dupes

Transforming your bedroom into a luxe sanctuary doesn’t have to be expensive if you shop around for similar pieces that achieve the same look.

To show it’s possible to get luxe for less, Big W has recreated the look of a bedroom styled in the latest trends with homewares that cost a total of $1598.81.

The Big W design team was able to achieve a similar look in the very same bedroom for just $245.

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Higher-end bedroom styled for $1598.81.

Big W styled bedroom for $245.

Higher-end bedroom styled for $1598.81. / Big W styled bedroom for $245. (Supplied/Big W)

Inspired by the high-end bedroom’s green sheets and white quilt with geometric details, the $45 queen size Openook cotton chevron tufted quilt cover and $35 Openook 250 thread count sheet set in green tea were used to dupe the look on a budget.

The placement of these items is almost as important as the pieces themselves. Beth Finkh, Big W senior manager general merchandise, explains how it’s done.

“It’s all about having the sheet reveal. So you don’t want to have the quilt all the way up anymore. You want to have it folded about two thirds of the way down to have either a pop of print or a pop of colour there to give you that nice accent and layering moment,” she tells 9honey Living.

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Bedroom styled with Big W homewares
These cushions have a similar look and feel to the luxe look that inspired it. (Supplied/Big W)

The quilt and sheet set in the high-end look are complemented by pillows and cushions in an arrangement that features two pillows in green and two in white, with a brown and a green square pillow and an oblong tufted check cream cushion.

To dupe this, Big W has used the pillowcases from the sheet and quilt sets, as well as the $10 Openook shearling cushion in tea, $14 Openook velvet cotton back cushion in fern and the $24 Openook tufted extra long cushion in thyme.

Big W autumn winter 2024 homewares including cushions, Big W autumn winter 2024 homewares

Top picks from Big W’s new autumn winter décor range

When selecting and styling these cushions in front of the pillows, look for a combination of three pieces.

“You want to then have that moment of three on the front to just ground it, create that really nice visual element. Here we’ve tried to go with two that are quite similar sizes, but different textures and then the accent of the rectangle shape,” Finckh explains.

Of course no look is complete without a throw or two and instead of the pricey throws used in the luxe bedroom, the affordable version features the $22 Openoook boucle throw in tea draped over the centre of the bed in front of the folded quilt.

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Bedroom styled with Big W homewares
Green is the colour of the season but a pop of pinky-red adds contrast. (Supplied/Big W)

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In this example, the throw has been placed in the centre instead of at the end or draped over the corner of the bed. This is to break up the angles created by the chevron pattern in the quilt so that it’s less busy visually.

To add a pop of contrasting colour there is also the $29 Openook basket weave throw in brick dust draped over an armchair.

The bedroom has then been styled with a lamp, mirror and candle.

As you can see looking at both the images, it’s possible to take inspiration from a high-end look or even an expensive piece of décor and find alternatives that look just as good on a budget that suits you.

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