Irvington house vandalized with eerie, dark symbols

INDIANAPOLIS — It was only a few weeks ago that we told you about a historic landmark in Irvington that is being renovated. Now vandals have damaged the inside in a very eerie way.

“Makes me feel a little violated in a sense that someone came here without my knowledge,” said Lynda Trimble, new owner of the Horner House.

The building, which is on the National Registrar of Historic Places, was built in 1875 but lay vacant for 40 years. Trimble purchased the home on New Year’s Eve with plans to renovate it. Over the weekend, suspects got in through the back of the home and spray painted the walls with demonic signs, cryptic sayings, and aliens. They also left a letter to the owner with ominous threatening riddles. Trimble is just glad the suspects left painted handprints all over the walls.

“Which is perfect, I appreciate that at least. So, if they are in the system, the police are able to do something. We will find you!” smiled Trimble.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) suggests renovating homeowners improve their lighting and install security cameras or alarm systems. Trimble will be installing trail cameras and boarding up any potential entrance point.

“We are an ever growing city, so we see a lot of construction on homes, vacant homes under constriction. A lot of times what we see is squatters enter those vacant homes,” detailed IMPD officer William Young, “Sometimes they may inadvertently leave their tools behind, copper being stripped from people’s homes.”

Trimble is planning a few clean up days during the last week of the month. If anyone is willing to help, she can use the hands. She will be announcing the event on Facebook.