Is it just me, or is everyone shopping for bubble home decor?

Bubble home decor is blowing up, and as someone with a minimalist, Scandi-style home, this is finally a trend I can get on board with. Also known as bubblecore, it brings organic shapes into your interiors, whether through a candle holder, fancy lighting, or that cloud-shaped mug you’ve probably scrolled past 100 times on TikTok.

Confession: I really couldn’t get behind Barbiecore or Cottagecore. I appreciated both trends, but as a true neutral decor lover, they just weren’t me. Bubblecore is an amalgamation of all things asymmetrical, neutral, and calm, but a load more fun. Essentially, it’s anything that takes a bubble-like shape. I’m talking glass and ceramic, materials but it’s really not that limited. I’ve found plenty of bubblecore buys from my favorite stores to prove that you can incorporate this niche look into your space without hurting your wallet.