Marvin Introduces Marvin Connected Home

Marvin Introduces Marvin Connected Home
Marvin Introduces Marvin Connected Home

As smart home innovation demand continues to grow, Marvin announced a new automated solution in which design and smart technology merge to offer more convenience and control over air, light and views with Marvin Connected Home. 

About Marvin Connected Home

With Marvin Connected Home, homeowners can use voice-activated and programmable smart skylights, windows and doors. Through the ease of a smart home platform like Amazon Alexa and home automation systems like Crestron Home or Control4, homeowners can operate Marvin Connected Home skylights, windows and doors. This smart home solution is designed to transform the way architects and builders approach home design, providing ease, increased productivity and a personalized in-home experience for homeowners. 

Marvin Connected Home offers flexible control of Modern Automated Awning and Casement windows, Awaken skylights and the Modern Automated Multi-Slide door, making it easy for homeowners to operate windows and doors with a home automation system, voice assistants, the Marvin Home app, a wall switch or on-unit control buttons. Other features include: 

  • Ability to create customized schedules and scenes in a smart home platform or home automation system for different times of the day 
  • Ability to program windows and skylights to responsively react to outdoor conditions such as temperature and humidity 
  • Peace of mind with built-in rain sensors that automatically close open windows, doors or skylights when moisture is detected 
  • Ability to check and control the Modern Automated Multi-Slide door’s magnetic lock using the Marvin Home app 
  • Performance and modern design of the Marvin Modern product line 

What people are saying

“Marvin Connected Home is an innovative solution that represents a significant leap forward in smart home technology,” says Marvin CEO Paul Marvin. “By blending exacting design with cutting-edge technology, Marvin Connected Home is a first-of-its-kind solution setting a new standard for the industry and reaffirming Marvin’s long-lasting commitment to innovation.” 

“These smart window and door solutions are engineered to deliver integrated technology for truly effortless living,” says David Goulet, vice president of R&D and product development at Marvin. “Marvin Connected Home empowers homeowners with unprecedented control over their living spaces, offering an unmatched in-home experience.”