Melissa McCarthy’s Former Atlanta Home Radiates Coziness

Melissa McCarthy’s Former Atlanta Home Radiates Coziness

When actors Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone purchased their Atlanta home in 2018, the couple was eager to move into the classic brick, ranch-style house—but not before attuning it to their taste. They enlisted Ryan Austin Hagood of r.a.d Interiors to lightly renovate and cosmetically overhaul the property on a tight timeline, turning it into the soothing environment they craved. Months later, it became clear the home demanded a bigger renovation to fit their needs.

The house, nestled in the Kingswood neighborhood, was originally built in the 1950s and underwent a renovation in 1980. Dark, primary colors and stuffy details dominated the interiors. “Initially, we replaced a checkerboard floor at the front of the house with wood, painted from top to bottom, and introduced some very playful wallpapers,” Hagood says. “By spring 2019, after Melissa and her family had lived in the home for nine months, the functionality of the floor plan and the bold finishes began to feel less suitable.”

Phase two allowed Hagood and his team, along with builder Shaba Derazi of Derazi Homes, to renovate half of the six-bedroom house and all of the bathrooms, totaling seven full and two half baths. Each received new plumbing fixtures and hardware. They also fully enclosed an underutilized outdoor area by constructing a roof, enlarging the living space.

Throughout the 5,174-square-foot property, the team “adopted a classic palette that honored the home’s original 1950s architecture, giving it an authentic and timeless feel,” Hagood says. Grounding elements fuel the cohesive design. Soft neutrals, layered textures, and unlacquered brass accents (as the Bridesmaids star “does not care for chrome finishes,” the designer notes) encourage coziness. Bold patterns were confined to smaller areas, including a bathroom enveloped in graffiti-style wallpaper and a powder room covered in a special Hermès wallpaper.

While McCarthy sold the home for $4.5 million in 2023, the special residence remained a haven for the actress and her family to unwind. Over the years, she filmed a few projects nearby, like the 2021 film Thunder Force and the 2020 movie Superintelligence. Currently, it awaits new residents as it’s on the market for $5.25 million.



Kristin Karch

Walls upholstered in Westbury Textiles fabric and new oak flooring warm up the entry. Original architectural elements including molding, leaded glass windows, and a crystal chandelier maintain character.

Door hardware: Baldwin. Rug: client’s own.

Family Room

living room

Kristin Karch

The quartz side table, from Noir Furniture, “weighed approximately 3,000 pounds,” Hagood says. “When it came off the truck during install, the team of 10 guys had to slowly roll the table in on dowels like the Egyptians built the pyramids.”

The rock was reinforced from below once the custom patchwork rug was in place. “I don’t think any of it is going anywhere,” Hagood says.

Upholstery: custom by r.a.d Interiors. Sconces: client’s own.

Living Room

Pictured on main.

The long, skinny room boasts a central fireplace, which prompted Hagood to play with scale. Within six weeks, he designed a 13-foot Chesterfield sofa in custom Opuzen fabric for the space. The room quickly became a favorite in the house. Melissa called it “the Tom Ford room” because of its layered textures and rich color palette, Hagood says.

Fireplace: Francois & Co. Wallpaper: Phillip Jeffries.

living room

Kristin Karch

McCarthy found the two vintage velvet swivel chairs and ram head bases, which the design team turned into tables by adding a smoky glass top shaped like a guitar pick. “After I gifted my clients a beautiful photography book by National Geographic’s Steve McCurry, Ben selected a captivating photo of monks in the rain from the collection to give Melissa for her birthday,” Hagood says of the framed wall art.

Picture light: Visual Comfort. Lumbar pillows: Neiman Marcus.



Kristin Karch

As the focal point of the entryway, the porch turned sunroom needed to be bright yet calming. Fabrics in greens and lavender pinks are balanced by white walls and aged accents, like the table with antique swan bases. “By opening the space and removing the old shutters, it was bathed in light,” Hagood says, noting it was “a very special space in the house that Melissa and her family used to read scripts and books.”

Sofa fabric: Seema Krish Textiles. Light: Visual Comfort.


Kristin Karch


Kristin Karch

“I loved the day the family’s accessory boxes showed up,” Hagood says. “I unpacked everything from a sweet deer head to a vintage megaphone. Each piece reflected Melissa’s unique personality, making it incredibly enjoyable and fun for me to style the space for her.”

Lounge chair: Cisco Home. Rug: Etsy. Lamp: Robert Abbey. Phrenology head accessory: Scott Antique Markets.



Kristin Karch


Kristin Karch

Since the existing kitchen layout flowed well, it required only a light spruce-up. The cabinetry was refreshed with a coat of Farrow & Ball paint and brass hardware. “We incorporated numerous runners and rugs to provide colorful accents as well as to accommodate the family’s older dogs, providing them with the necessary traction to move around more easily,” Hagood says.

McCarthy’s collection of vintage breadboards was displayed on the existing brick wall, enhancing the kitchen’s overall charm.

Hardware: Classic Brass. Pendants: The Urban Electric Co. Plumbing fixtures: Waterworks.

Breakfast Nook

small table

Kristin Karch

Hagood designed the barrel-style chairs and had them made by Upholstery Direct Atlanta.

Chandelier: ABC Carpet & Home. Table: Noir Furniture. Rug: Etsy.

Dining Room

dining room

Kristin Karch

Mural wallpaper by Fine & Dandy Co. creates a whimsical forest setting. “I intentionally arranged the mural to create a book-matched effect at the center focal wall,” Hagood says.

Under the 60-inch diameter tassel chandelier from Dixon Rye, an antique oval table with a custom antique mirror top, vintage reupholstered chairs, and drapery fabric from Opuzen complete the ethereal environment.

Powder Room

powder room

Kristin Karch

The Hermès wallpaper in the main powder room became extra special when the company discontinued its production. “We got the last of this incredible pattern,” Hagood says. For the sink, the designer tapped Kast Concrete Basins in England to “create a narrow basin that had to be reinforced to float on the wall,” he adds.

Pendant: The Urban Electric Co. Plumbing fixtures: Waterworks.

Primary Bedroom


Kristin Karch

Soft neutrals and layered textures ensure the tranquil atmosphere is reminiscent of a luxe hotel suite. “We incorporated fun elements, such as a shag bench and a coconut shell pendant, [to blend] comfort with playful touches,” Hagood says.

Nightstands: RH. Bench: Noir Furniture. Wallpaper: Phillip Jeffries.

Girl‘s Bedroom

kids bedroom

Kristin Karch

“Melissa had dreamed of incorporating this mural wallpaper from Anthropologie into her space,” Hagood says. “Since the scene was not continuous, I carefully arranged the prominent animals within the mural to serve as focal points, strategically repeating sections behind the drapery.”

Small details, like the drapery trim and shaggy rug, boost the room’s coziness. Flanking the bed, nightstands from Worlds Away provide ample storage while table lamps from Arteriors are welcome pops of color.


powder room

Kristin Karch

To balance and unify the bold graffiti wallpaper from Etsy, Hagood painted the window and wall trim matte black. “The integration of an old porthole mirror, a subway-inspired wall sconce, and a vintage deco pedestal sink complemented one other beautifully, enhancing the overall aesthetic,” Hagood says.

Plumbing fixtures: Watermark. Sconce: Visual Comfort.

Guest and Girl‘s Bathroom


Kristin Karch


Kristin Karch

The guest bathroom (left) accommodates older guests thanks to a large, zero-curb entry. To maximize functionality, the faucet was wall-mounted and framed by a shield backsplash. The ogee edge counter, unlacquered brass hardware, and Visual Comfort sconces amplify the room’s elegance.

In the girl’s bathroom (right), a custom floor-to-ceiling shower curtain made of Seema Krish Textiles fabric and vintage lighting add fun touches. Brass plumbing fixtures by Waterworks match the cabinetry hardware and mirror from Anthropologie.


House Beautiful: Did you encounter any memorable hiccups, challenges, or surprises during the project?

Ryan Austin Hagood: During construction, we revamped the landscape design, adding a short retaining wall, a new pebble driveway, and a gate to enhance privacy for the clients. Adhering to the City of Atlanta’s strict regulations on wall height and setbacks, we meticulously followed all regulatory requirements. Despite this, we encountered challenges with a neighbor who persistently contacted the planning department to stop our work. Fortunately, since the project was fully permitted, we were able to complete it and achieve a perfectly landscaped outcome. Due to these delays, however, we had to pivot and prioritize finishing the interior work on the house.

HB: Where did the majority of the budget go?

RAH: In the second phase of renovations, the majority of the budget was allocated to landscape modifications and the addition of a 1,500-square-foot loggia with an integrated office. Textiles and wallpaper were also significant expenses, coming in as the second-largest budget items. These details, along with the client’s passion for vintage lighting, played crucial roles in the overall budget allocation.

HB: How did you save money/DIY/get crafty?

RAH: We spent considerable time shopping on Etsy and exploring local antiques stores as well as working through many decoupage opportunities with an array of patterned wallpapers. One of my tasks involved repurposing a collection of runners from other homes, which I creatively pieced together to fashion an upholstered stair runner. Strategically combining the various patterns and colors based on their lengths proved to be an enjoyable challenge!

HB: Any other memorable details?

RAH: As part of the comprehensive landscape and exterior design, we incorporated as many gas lanterns as possible. The soft flicker of their flames set a nighttime ambiance that introduced new levels of calm, moodiness, and warmth, beautifully complementing the interior.

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