My Favorite Room Caroline Brackett Interior Design Home Decor

The master bedroom sometimes can be the last project you do in your home. Usually one thinks, oh.. I am the only one who sees it, it doesn’t need to be anything special. Wrong! Your master bedroom needs to be your retreat, a place that you enjoy and gives you relaxation after a long day.

Interior designer Caroline Brackett, the principal designer of Caroline Brackett Studio of Design chose one of her clients’ master bedroom’s as her favorite room.

“I chose this room because it is beautiful and stylish, yet warm and comfortable. It doesn’t look over-decorated, but layered and cozy, which is my favorite kind of room. I love the Gracie panels and that it achieves the look of art and color when used as framed panels over the bedside tables,” says Caroline.

The chandelier chosen compliments everything in the room and is the final touch of perfection for this gorgeous master bedroom.

We are grateful to see how a master bedroom can really be a true work of art. The colors chosen go so well together to create a space that is beautiful on the eyes and calming overall. Caroline’s love for interior design is such a gift and this master bedroom definitely saw a wonderful use of that talent.

Top 3 Tips to Achieve This Look

1. Don’t stress about everything matching. There are many elements of this room that don’t technically match, but they work together in a harmonious way to make the space more interesting. We pulled colors out of the Chinoiserie panels to come up with the color scheme. Look in unexpected places for color palette inspiration.

The blue and white porcelain and the glass lamp are details that make this beside table really come to life.

2 . Always mix old and new. A room with nothing in it that has age can look like a showroom, and a room that has nothing fresh and new can look dated and stuffy. The mix of both together in a curated way always works!

3. Invest in custom window treatments, especially in your bedroom, preferably with black-out lining and on hardware that is easy to function on a daily basis. They are used so often, can give you better sleep, and make the space softer and more inviting – worthy of the price tag in our opinion.

Layering rugs is a great way to give an element of comfort as well as add color to the space.
The navy and white tape on these gorgeous curtains take them to the next level and present a tailored look to the room.
A sitting area in any master bedroom is a must. It gives another spot to read or just unwind from the day. This sitting area is so nice with all the great natural light.
Caroline Brackett