Now is the time to strike in Okanagan pre-sale market with offers are on table – Think Local

Now is the time to strike in Okanagan pre-sale market with offers are on table – Think Local

“Don’t wait.”

That’s the message from Vantage West Project Sales representative Jeff Anderson, who has seen first-hand that the Central Okanagan is officially on the global stage when it comes to real estate. Anderson recently helped to sell The View at Big White, and all 60 units were sold in 55 days through a Toronto investment firm.

“Through the marketing, the advertising, I had a lot of people in the community of Kelowna letting me know that our pricing was too expensive. It was not feasible,” Anderson says. “I had real estate agents tell us the same and that we would never get the pricing that we thought we would get.”

The View at Big White, which is on some of the last land available in the heart of the village at the ski resort, stands out as a testament to the evolving market dynamics and the opportunities they present.

Anderson believes those who live in the Central Okanagan are not seeing the big picture, while those who do not live in the region but want to vacation in or relocate to it have 20/20 vision. Despite high interest rates, now is the time to get into the pre-sale market, because once those rates start to drop, developers are not going to be offering deals like they are currently.

“If you can find a pre-sale that’s closing late 2025 and into 2026, you’re really going to set yourself up for a great financial future, because you’re able to buy at today’s market price,” Anderson says.

“Developers, when they know that the market is going to shift, that’s when they start taking things away. Right or wrong, that is the reality.”

Anderson cautions the market is nearing a saturation point, with projects like Anacapri, Nolita and Savoy in Kelowna nearing full capacity. This tight inventory suggests a looming scarcity that potential buyers should not underestimate.

In addition, the cost of materials to build future projects is not about to go down anytime soon. Developers, after all, are in business to make money.

“But people have it in their head that these developers are going to pay more money for the product to build the product and then sell it for less,” he says. “How does that make sense?”

And as Anderson pointed out, the rest of the world has an eye on the Central Okanagan, most notably those from Europe and our neighbours from the East Coast.

“What people in the Kelowna market don’t understand is we’re no longer just a little town anymore,” he says. “We have an international airport, and we have direct flights coming from Toronto.”

In other words, if home ownership or investment is something you seek, now is the time to make a move.

“Can you afford—for you and your family’s future—to miss the market again?” Anderson says. “We at Vantage West Project Sales are here to help and educate. I already bought my unit, so this is not a sales pitch. It’s the reality of this ever changing landscape.

“So it comes down to just six little words to ask yourself. And when you put them together they send a very powerful message: Can I afford to be wrong?”

For more information about Vantage West, visit its website here or send an email to Anderson at [email protected].

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