Regina Hall Gives Her Friend a Life-Changing Home Renovation on ‘Celebrity IOU’

Regina Hall Gives Her Friend a Life-Changing Home Renovation on ‘Celebrity IOU’

Regina Hall is endlessly appreciative of her friend Vonda who’s become a major part of her support system over the past 15 years. To give back to her longtime confidant, the Scary Movie star joined forces with design duo Drew and Jonathan Scott to give her a life-changing home renovation.

“Vonda and I met on Real Husbands of Hollywood,” Hall said during a new episode of Celebrity IOU. “I think she was the head of the makeup department at that time on the show. And then from there, we just stayed in each other’s lives whether we worked together or not.”

The pair have been together through all of life’s ups and downs. Hall added: “I think it’s special when you know someone well and things are going on in your life that you can talk to someone and you know that it’s gonna be private. I have that with Vonda. Vonda has that with me.”

Based in Carson, California, Vonda is a single mom with two kids. (Her daughter had sickle cell anemia. Vonda was a bone marrow match, so they did the transplant and her daughter is now sickle cell-free but still has a low immune system.) Along with caring for her loved ones, Vonda loves to cook and entertain. So, Hall and the Property Brothers stars formed The Demo Divas, as they named themselves, and got to work to completely transform Vonda’s home.

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Over six weeks, the group worked on the kitchen, dining area, living room, and entry. They knocked down a wall between the kitchen and living room to open up the space, making it better suited for hosting. In the kitchen, they added a long peninsula with dolomite counters and all-new cabinetry. Extra storage was built into the dining room. A light, fresh color palette—featuring Vonda’s love of copper accents—makes all of the spaces feel cohesive. Terrazzo tile flooring in the entry and a new fireplace highlighted by Venetian plaster in the living room play up Vonda’s artistic style.

To top it all off, the team replaced the home’s HVAC. The 30-year-old system was so grimy that it was beyond cleaning. They swapped it out for a hospital-grade system with multiple filters for effectiveness and efficiency, meaning Vonda can use it knowing it’s beneficial for her family and especially for her immunocompromised daughter. Vonda was so overjoyed. She said: “To know that you chose me for this, and to give me something that I had sleepless nights about, and now I can come in here, bring [my daughter] here…I thank you guys. I really appreciate you for doing it. I’m overwhelmed.”

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