‘Regular Home Renovation Simulator’ – Fearful Fixer-Upper

‘Regular Home Renovation Simulator’ – Fearful Fixer-Upper


Regular Home Renovation Simulator needs you to fix the sockets, replace the flooring, patch some holes, and do other, normal, safe repair jobs around the home.

You’re working at an old house that really needs some care. There’s good money in house flipping if you know what you’re doing, and judging from the speed with which you can patch a hole in the wall or put down flooring, you’re pretty incredible at home repair. So, you just need to walk around this house and figure out what needs fixing. You have an array of tools that can fix most problems in a second simply by clicking on them. The only thing that requires more input is the flooring, as you have to choose what style you want to use. Thinking it needs a nice wood floor? Some tile? All up to you.

Regular Home Renovation Simulator - an unfinished kitchen interior

As you go, though, this job keeps getting bigger. Every time you turn around, there seems to be another hall you missed. Some room that wasn’t there moments before. More jobs to complete. The house continues to widen around you, but the jobs also seem to change as you dig deeper. The game slowly shifts from pleasant house repair to something more sinister. Those holes in the walls start to look a bit more organic. The paintings on the wall grow alarming. You start vacuuming up a few too many skulls for my liking. You can feel that something darker has overtaken this place and is drawing you deeper inside. Still, even these spooky, bleeding dungeons might look nice with the right flooring.

Regular Home Renovation Simulator made house repairs into a fun experience, even when things started to get a bit more grim and gruesome. Do you think Hell has use of a handyman?

Regular Home Renovation Simulator - an unfinished room with some suggestions on how to spruce it up

Regular Home Renovation Simulator is available now on itch.io.