Shop 20 Home Decor Items for a Luxurious Master Bedroom 2021

Getting a one-on-one appointment with Kelly Behun might be tricky—you have to get in line behind Ian Schrager, Wendi Murdoch, and others too famous to name. But getting to peruse her favorite finds in her newly designed dream house is easy: Behun just launched a shoppable gallery of a real-life apartment she decked out in Robert A.M. Stern’s new residence 1228 Madison. Each room comes with a curated list of objects that Behun uses to create her signature elegantly layered interiors with links to get the goods for yourself. Inspired by Behun’s elevated approach to a luxuriously chill master bedroom, we’ve created a shopping list of our own, from romantic pendant lights to plush rugs that will make you feel right at home.


Domus Blush


Interior designer Kelly Behun’s dreamy collection with The Rug Company is perfect for creating a soft, pretty backdrop for your boudoir.  


Solis Mirror in Satin Brass and Blackened Ash by Simon Johns, Small



Inspired by the sunrise, this mirror is made from brass-plated steel and blackened ash with a slim shelf to hold a perfume bottle or two. 


Drottningholm Bench Long



A bench at the end of your bed is surprisingly multipurpose, from casual bedroom hangouts to a place to stow a spare blanket or robe. 


Bicolore Sheet Set

Frette sheets are a true classic—think of them like the Chanel jacket of your bed linens.


Mirada Rug


Piles of soft neutral layers make a bedroom feel like a truly chill oasis.  


Smoking Lips Incense Holder




Bayonne Upholstered Bed


A plush columned headboard creates structure around the bed, making it the focal point of the room. 


Dyade Sham

Yves Delorme


If you are the type of person who likes to monogram, well, everything, Yves Delorme’s new Dyade collection is for you—and your initials.

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Ceramic and faux pearl vase



Jewelry designer CompletedWorks also makes surrealist ceramics with dainty pearl accents. 


Krisel Fabric Chair

A rich velvet chair nestled in the corner of the bedroom is inviting and practical (just try not to throw all of your clothes on it, ok?). 




Even though foam mattresses are all the rage right now, they aren’t for everyone. Coil die-hards will be swayed by this plush hybrid mattress. 


Pegase change tray



Everyone needs a place to dump their phone, wallet, jewelry, whatever in their room. Hermes’s catchall trays are painted Limoges porcelain that instantly turns clutter into curation. 


Ralph Lauren Home Brennan Clock

Ralph Lauren Home


Ditch your phone for a sleek clock. It not only helps you sleep better to avoid the blue light, but it is 100 times more stylish. 



A statement blanket is a great way to add visual pop to your bedroom without committing to a statement wall or other permanent fixture. Trame Paris works with Mediterranean artisans for a one-of-a-kind throw. 



Marie Christine Dorner


A clever drawer in this bedside table make it as practical as it is pretty. 


Oriente A Pendant Lamp



Don’t overlook bedroom lighting, this Eastern-inspired pendant lamp casts a soft warm glow.  


Italian Ultra-Fine Tipped Linen Sheet Set

RH’s linen sheets are known for being the chicest linens in town. The new ultra-fine tipped sheets have an ultra-sophisticated edge. 


Line Dresser

An elegant dresser with roomy drawers is a must and this crisp graphic version fits the bill with aplomb. 


Trieste Small Table Lamp



Believing in crystals is one thing, decorating with a gorgeous rock embedded into your bedside lamp is another—any hey, if it comes with good vibes as well, we are all for it. 


Savoir X Zandra Rhodes

A master bedroom covered in shades of cream is a mainstay, but there is no reason not to have a vibrant, colorful boudoir. British fashion icon Zandra Rhodes collaborated with luxe bed company Savoir on a collection of rich and riotous florals. 

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