Shopping for home renovation made easier with AllHome

DAVID and Maggie Santos, a couple married for 10 years and counting, decided last March 2020 that it was time to give their home an upgrade. However, the Covid-19 pandemic happened and everything grounded to a halt, including the couple’s plans to makeover their home.

A year and a half had passed, David and Maggie are now fully vaccinated but they still prefer to stay at home to lessen exposure to the virus. They have resorted to do everything online, including shopping for the things they need for their home renovation.

This was how they found, the e-commerce website of AllHome. AllHome is your one-stop shop for home and renovation needs. The store continues to service its customers efficiently and helps make shopping online worth their time.

When the Santos couple was ready to make their purchases after months of planning, they were able to enjoy the new and improved features of the website. The upgraded website has shifted to a progressive web application (PWA) interface, a first for the Philippine home industry. This interface allows for a smoother experience in browsing and transacting both on desktop and mobile.

With the upgraded website, David and Maggie were able to browse with much ease all the categories that AllHome has to offer. David had a great time going through the Hardware, Construction, Tiles and Sanitary Wares categories since he plans to work on simple DIY home repair projects. While Maggie, on the other hand, was able to spot some items from the Furniture, Appliances, Linen and Homeware categories which she thought can help re-model their home. They were so happy to discover that all the things they needed to renovate their home were available in one website.

Apart from getting value for money, Maggie was also happy to find out that surfing through AllHome’s website was convenient, and that its customer service assistants were always easy to converse with especially when it comes to some of her queries.

AllHome’s items cover seven key categories ranging from funiture, hardware, appliances, tiles and sanitary wares, homewares, linens and construction materials. AllHome’s offer local and international brands, covering seven key categories ranging from furniture, hardware, appliances, tiles and sanitary wares, homeware, linens, and construction materials.

AllHome also offers in-house brands through AllHome Exclusives.

Maggie already made it a point to check out every so often to keep her updated on new trends Allhome introduces new array of products and design every quarter.

Since the couple has been planning to also renovate their guest room into a home office, they also chose some furniture from AllHome Exclusives.

These brands are high quality, durable, competitively priced and imported and can only be bought at AllHome. The shop continues to develop new products and release new brands almost every quarter.

For their home office, Maggie decided to grab two Almira Office chairs which are great because it features an ergonomic adjust that helps with comfort seating and rolling casters to ensure smooth movement. Aside from the office chairs, she also added two Norman Office Table to their cart because of its sturdy metal material. Maggie also decided to buy a Office Shelf Cabinet to store their important office documents since this cabinet is made up of material that can resist cracking and flaking, thus prevents rusting.

Aside from the home office upgrade, David also wanted to refurbish the room‚ flooring and walls. For this, he opted to get a couple of Kent Walnut PVC Vinyl Tiles partnered with Apo Floors Powerbond Acrylic Floor Adhesive. Vinyl flooring are enough that he won’t need to remove the current flooring to give his area a budget friendly makeover.

When it was time to check out their shopping cart, the couple found it very convenient to pay for all their items since the options were either through bank transfer Gcash, Paymaya, cash on delivery, or pay in store. For purchases that are out of budget, they were assured that they can avail easy payment terms upon request. The couple were able to receive their items within three to five working days and AllHome personnel were on hand to assist the couple with the assembly and installation of their purchases.

Happy and satisfied with their shopping experience at, David and Maggie now regularly browse the site. They want to make sure that they are also updated with the latest trends and promos AllHome offers to its clients.