The Top 8 Home Design Trends We Will See in 2023

As pandemic panic wanes and economic concerns linger, how we think about our homes will shift accordingly in 2023. Recent years required us to turn inward, perhaps confronting unfortunate domestic decisions made before lockdown or reevaluating the sometimes blurred boundaries between work and home. Now that we’ve dealt with the

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Interior Design and Decor Trends 2023

What are the most important home style trends we can expect during 2023? We get some answers from Paris-based Atelier Alain Ellouz, with only a few days before the opening of Maison&Objet.

When the pandemic began, the interior design industry skyrocketed in certain countries around the world with a growth

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“That ’90s Show” Set Design Details

Hello, Wisconsin! That ’90s Show has officially hit Netflix, meaning it’s time to return to Point Place for another dose of unforgettable memories. In the 10-episode season of the That ’70s Show spinoff, we’re greeted with many familiar faces and a whole new group of kids who crave excitement. And

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5 of the top living room design trends for 2023

Exposed finishes, such as cement; concrete-effect paint; and the use of natural coatings, such as clay or lime mortar are also on the rise. The use of built-in furniture is also becoming more common.

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3. Eclectic

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