“That ’90s Show” Set Design Details

Hello, Wisconsin! That ’90s Show has officially hit Netflix, meaning it’s time to return to Point Place for another dose of unforgettable memories. In the 10-episode season of the That ’70s Show spinoff, we’re greeted with many familiar faces and a whole new group of kids who crave excitement. And since it’s now the summer of 1995, the sets were given a makeover—with plenty of throwback nods to the original show.

For starters, the producers decided to deck out the basement with old living room furniture from That ’70s Show, as if Kitty (played by Debra Jo) and Red (played by Kurtwood Smith) moved those pieces into the basement after redecorating the house. “We figured Red and Kitty would redecorate, but they would do it with wallpaper, not with major additions,” co-creator Terry Turner said in a press brief.

that ‘90s show l to r sam morelos as nikki, mace coronel as jay, ashley aufderheide as gwen runck, callie haverda as leia forman, maxwell acee donovan as nate, reyn doi as ozzie in episode 101 of that ‘90s show cr patrick wymorenetflix © 2022


To make the basement furniture a reality, set decorator Tara Stepheneson-Fong had each piece painstakingly rebuilt. Other throwback props in the basement include the old Green Bay Packers helmet, posters, and the rope pulls from the door of Kelso’s van that hang from a coat stand. In the opening credits, you can see the Forman’s old TV from upstairs tucked into a corner if you look closely.

that ‘90s show l to r kurtwood smith as red forman, debra jo rupp as kitty forman in episode 104 of that ‘90s show cr patrick wymorenetflix © 2022

Patrick Wymore/Netflix

To make things all the more authentic, some of the original That ’70s Show cast even brought back props. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis (who return to play Micheal Kelso and Jackie Burkhart) came equipped with a trunk, stool, and the multicolored round pillow in the basement set. Debra Jo supplied the glass grapes on the basement coffee table and photos of the Forman family—including one with Betty White and Tom Poston as Kitty’s parents, which appears as a photo on the living room bookcase. Wilmer Valderrama (who returns to play Fez) brought back the Vista Cruiser.

that ‘90s show l to r debra jo rupp as kitty forman, kurtwood smith as red forman in episode 101 of that ‘90s show cr patrick wymorenetflix © 2022

Patrick Wymore/Netflix

To update the Forman kitchen, set designer Greg Grande chose a fruit and rooster theme with blue cabinetry to replace the owl theme with green cabinetry from That ‘70s Show. A couple of the owls from the old set are shown on the living room bookshelves.

that ‘90s show l to r callie haverda as leia forman, ashley aufderheide as gwen runck in episode 101 of that ‘90s show cr courtesy of netflix © 2022

Courtesy of Netflix

Stepheneson-Fong sourced many items from vintage stores with the hardest item to find being the living room coffee table. Other very ‘90s updates to the Forman house include a plaid-patterned sofa with floral throw pillows in the living room. We’re also introduced to Gwen’s (played by Ashley Aufderheide) Riot grrrl-inspired bedroom. The walls are covered in posters, the wall-to-wall shag carpeting is purple, and colorful decorative details pop—including a fuzzy journal, plastic makeup cases, and a CD collection.

It’s safe to say the new sitcom is packed with enough nostalgia—for That ’70s Show and the ’90s—in the set design alone to make you feel as though you’re being met with a warm embrace.

You love set design. So do we. Let’s obsess over them together.

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