The 6 Best Bedroom Trends of 2024, According to Experts

The 6 Best Bedroom Trends of 2024, According to Experts

Can I tell you something you probably already know? Your bedroom is a sacred space, and it deserves to be treated as such. Whether that’s you buying the most luxurious sheets for your extra comfy mattress, or just getting a whole bunch of candles for top-tier nighttime vibes, your bedroom should just be oozing TLC. After all, you *do* spend hours on end in your room—from lounging to eating to working—so it should feel like a welcome escape, not a nightmare.

That said, the 2024 bedroom trends step out of the box from the typical bedroom designs you’re used to and also set boundaries (because maybe we shouldn’t actually be eating and working in bed all the time?). You’ll also see less fluff and more of a minimalist look that is functional and chic which we love.

If you’re wanting to give your bedroom a lil revamp, but unsure where to take it, start with these expert-sealed predictions that you’ll likely see all over your FYP in 2024.

Custom Headboards

a bed with a pink comforter

Gieves Anderson

Custom headboards are a main character move you won’t regret committing to. They can either be a dramatic focal point, or have an effortlessly minimal look that blends in with the rest of the room, explains interior designer Megan Prime, co-founder and principal designer of JAM. “Custom headboards are extremely versatile—both aesthetically and functionally—which is what makes them so alluring and why they’re becoming more popular,” she says. “You can design them to have all the bedside conveniences one could possibly need, including integrated lighting, charging ports, floating nightstands or pull-out trays.”

Low-key Bedding

a bed with a large headboard

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Kiss your days of waking up and finding half of your bedding on the floor goodbye! Cut back on all the extra—you know, lots of pillows scattered and too many extra blankets—by keeping a low-key, but high-quality, bedscape. “No more layered euros, pillows upon pillows, and embroidered linen,” says interior designer Tova Kook, founder of TK Design. “Keep it clean and stack those king shams in sets of two, add one decorative pillow or bolster, throw a throw, and you have yourself a minimal, understated bed and bedding,” says Kook.

Rooms for R&R Only

a bed with a blanket on it

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Okay, sure, your bed is the backdrop to intense movie marathons, answering emails, and gobbling down takeout, but what if—and hear me out—it was just for sleeping and unwinding from a long day? Interior designer Ryann Swan believes bedrooms have lost their main function and have become way too multi-purpose (your coworkers have seen your headboard on way too many Zoom calls!). “Bedrooms with a Peloton in the corner have become so common, but we are finally starting to see a desire for bedrooms to return to a personal sanctuary,” says Swann. “We are focusing on creating bedrooms that allow for you to shed the day and focus on rest, relaxation, and recovery.”

Natural Textures

a bed with a chair and a table with a plant on it


This year, interior designer Alissa Johnson, founder and principal designer of Alissa Johnson Interiors, sees a focus on embracing organic textures, like the paint trend of limewash walls, for example. “Maintaining a uniform color palette across all elements—including walls, ceiling, and trims—creates a cohesive and comforting ambiance,” she says, “and gives the sensation of being embraced by the room.” And if you’re Team Neutrals or prefer a monochromatic look, texture will bring more depth and character into your space.

Saavy Lighting

a bed with a blue and white headboard

Michael Granacki

“In a small bedroom, mounting wall lamps allow you to get away with smaller nightstands,” says interior designer Tara McCauley. “Swing arm lamps are especially useful, and there are so many great plug-in options on the market—no electrician required.” A stylish plug-in sconce doesn’t break the bank and doesn’t put your very precious security deposit at risk, so yeah, thank us later!

Chic—and Hidden—WFH Set Ups

a bedroom with a bed and a desk


“I recently had the inside of my client’s guest bedroom closet painted a bold contrast color and hung dramatic curtains in front that open to reveal a glamorous work-from-home setup,” says McCauley. “It adds a layer of oomph to dragging yourself out of bed for work and gives your back a break from hunching over to get time-sensitive tasks done.” McCauley suggests adding storage for functionality, shelving above the desk or drawers next to it if there’s space.

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