The art of affordable luxury: Tips on transforming your home on a budget

The art of affordable luxury: Tips on transforming your home on a budget

In the realm of interior design, luxury is not defined by exorbitant expenses. Affordable luxury is a cornerstone that reshapes homes with elegance and practicality – transcending into an opportunity to amp up spaces.

The art of affordable luxury: Tips on transforming your home on a budget
The art of affordable luxury: Tips on transforming your home decor and interior design on a budget (Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash)

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Saniya Kantawala, Principal Designer and Founder of Saniya Kantawala Design (SKD), suggested, “Paying close attention to intricate elements such as hardware, trims, and finishes significantly impacts a space’s overall aesthetics. Consider upgrading standard doorknobs to ornate alternatives or replacing plain light fixtures with visually captivating options; these simple changes can transform a room’s design.”

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She highlighted, “Strategic accessorising is pivotal in achieving a sophisticated ambience within your home. Rather than overcrowding with numerous accessories, opt for high-quality pieces that command attention. A bold lighting fixture or sizable artwork can infuse an air of luxury into your space without overwhelming it. Think of a wicker headboard in the bedroom or a wallpaper or mural in the living area. This discerning approach to accessorising ensures an elegant, upscale look while maintaining balance and visual appeal.”

Given that luxury is something that is always desired when it comes to decorating one’s house yet the very thought of luxury evokes expensive interiors, Devika Khosla, Creative Director at The Works Interiors, shared, “One need not spend too much money to attain a luxurious look. With a few steps, it is easy to make a home feel luxurious without burning a hole in your pockets. Furniture is one of the main features of any space, and arranging it mindfully can be cost-efficient. Putting statement pieces can imbue a sense of opulence in any interior space by using affordable accent furniture pieces like a lounge chair, credenza, end table or side table.”

She added, “Vastness is another aspect associated with luxury, for which mirrors can be used in hallways or entrance foyers to create an illusion of space enlargement. Textiles can also be used in one’s favour when going for a luxurious touch. They can add layers to any space by using cushions and throws in various sizes and textures. Curtains can be placed to hang from the ceiling to give a loftier impression of the space. Alternatively, Sheer curtains soften the natural light and fill the space with a cosy yet luxurious warmth. Remember not to forget the rugs when going for a pocket-friendly makeover. When used in the living room, bedroom, and lounge area, they add warmth and luxury.”

Bringing her expertise to the same, Shubhra Dahiya, Partner at team3, said, “Transforming your home into a haven of affordable luxury is an artful journey achievable within budget constraints. I firmly believe that regardless of financial constraints, a home can exude elegance and character through thoughtful design choices. The first step on this path involves accessorising. Big cushions, vibrant throws or simply replacing pillow covers to complement the colour theme of your room can add a touch of panache. Maintaining a colour theme by using an element of the chosen colour in each room will give the house a common language and character. Large paintings, art pieces on an accent wall, or a combination of smaller pieces are a great opportunity to let the room be a reflection of one’s personality.”

She recommended, “Another avenue toward achieving opulent interiors without straining the budget lies in the art of repurposing. Refurbishing old tables, sofas, cupboards or chairs is a cost-efficient and innovative method for a chic interior. This blend of vintage and modern themes can be achieved by using colourful cotton fabrics, paints or heritage-tile inlays to make interesting conversation-starter pieces in your house. Embracing biophilia by adorning indoor and outdoor spaces with a variety of plants can enrich interiors and also foster a tranquil ambiance. Having potted and hanging plants in the verandah, courtyards or indoors lend a sense of calm. Plants of various sizes and textures can be chosen to match the aesthetic of your house and colour to create a reassuring atmosphere.”

In essence, it’s the subtle and cost-effective gestures that breathe life into a house, transforming it into an abode of comfort that reflects one’s personality. Through strategic accessorising, innovative repurposing and embracing biophilic design, a home can radiate luxury and refinement without burdening the budget—a testament to the art of creating affordable yet sumptuous living spaces.