The best time of year to renovate your home revealed

The best time of year to renovate your home revealed

Whether enhancing kerb appeal or renovating your kitchen, strategic timing is key to renovation success: choosing the right month to undertake certain tasks and projects can actually make a big difference.

‘By aligning renovation projects with the optimal months of the year, homeowners can maximise efficiency, minimise disruptions, and achieve their desired outcomes with confidence,’ says Jo Trotman, marketing manager at The Residence Collection.

Thinking about taking on some DIY tasks? Here’s the best time to carry out home renovation projects.

Spring (March, April and May)

There’s no doubt about it, spring is a great time of year to give your home a refresh and with bank holidays, it’s the perfect excuse to take on some renovation projects. The mild weather can also make it a great time of year to do any exterior projects that are still on your list. From repointing loose brickwork, to checking and repairing your roofing, and installing new windows and doors, the warmer climate can assist the dry time when it comes to plastering internal walls too.

The best time of year to renovate your home revealedThe best time of year to renovate your home revealed

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Summer (June, July, August)

Many of us plan our annual holiday and trips away during the summer months, which makes it the best time of year to tackle bigger renovation projects and remodels. As you temporarily leave your home, you can ‘avoid the inconvenience of living amidst ongoing construction’, Joe suggests.

Even if you’re not jetting off or planning a UK staycation, you can still take advantage of the warmest months of the year to tackle the projects that might require you to spend more time out of the house, or the kinds that can disrupt your day-to-day routine.

We’re talking about kitchen renovations, bathroom upgrades, replacing flooring, giving your house – whether that be inside or outside – a fresh coat of paint, or redecorating living spaces.

Recent surveys show that 33 per cent of homeowners are planning bathroom renovations this year, while 28 per cent are looking into kitchen upgrades.

a kitchen with a shelf and cupboardsa kitchen with a shelf and cupboards

Autumn (September, October and November)

Autumn gives you the opportunity to complete any outdoor projects ahead of winter. Or maybe you’ll be thinking about giving your interiors an upgrade prior to welcoming guests into your home for Halloween, Bonfire Night or Christmas.

Indoors, this is the time to invest in new soft furnishings, such as blankets and window dressings, to add some cosiness to your living space. Whereas outside, updating your garden’s vegetation prior to the first frost will help to alleviate any stress that might occur.

The months of September, October and November are also when you’ll want to get on top of improving insulation, to keep you and your family as warm as possible, before the frigid temperatures that seem to be increasingly common during the colder months start to take hold.

a white stuffed animal in a chaira white stuffed animal in a chair

Winter (December, January and February)

As you might expect, budgets can feel a bit tighter at this time of year, particularly in the run up to and after Christmas. So, this is when you’ll want to tackle smaller jobs. From touching up paint to enhancing your space with pops of colour, wallpaper or panelling, opt for more budget-friendly ideas if you can.

Many of us will also struggle to feel particularly productive when January 1st rolls around, and the first month of the year can often feel like the longest one we have to endure, but having some DIY projects or crafting to keep you busy ‘not only brings a sense of achievement and satisfaction but also adds value to your home’, says Jo.

Take the time to upcycle some pieces of furniture that you’ve been meaning to or add additional storage space in the form of shelving.

panelled walls in earthborn's flower potpanelled walls in earthborn's flower pot

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