Tour a Midcentury Farmhouse Kitchen in Saskatchewan | Architectural Digest

Kelsey Grose, founder and principal designer of Farmer’s Daughter Interiors, decided to make a fresh start out of a familiar palette. Her husband Shayne and their children, Cyrus and Wyndsor, moved into a farmhouse on the edge of a small village near Swift Current, Canada, last year when the opportunity arose to return.

“This was my grandma’s yard and home,” she says. “My dad grew up here and I spent tons of time here as a child. The house was being rented before we made an unexpected decision to move.” The wide lawn, with its raspberry bushes and wide open space, is ideal for a young family—that also happens to have two cats named Boots and Lola “and a new baby kitten our son calls ‘little Marshall,’” Kelsey says. The house itself sets a warm scene for intimacy and creativity.

“It’s located about 25 minutes south of our design studio and shop, but it’s an easy drive into work, and I don’t mind the commute to wind down at the end of the day,” she says. “The neighborhood is beautiful, with mature trees and well-kept acreages lining the road, and the community is a mix of everything from young families to retired couples.”

BEFORE: The previous iteration of the kitchen felt very dated. 

The kitchen hadn’t been updated since the 1960s, when Kelsey’s grandma had the final say on the plans. And now that it was her turn to take the reins, Kelsey wanted to honor that midcentury style, lean into their farmhouse surroundings, and still hone her skills as a designer with a distinct eye.

Kitchen location: A small village near Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada

The before: “The kitchen was original and needed some work to make it more functional. We contemplated moving in with the original kitchen but in the end, I’m glad we updated it,” Kelsey says. “The house isn’t large but it suits our family fine for now in terms of bedrooms. I did have to significantly downsize my wardrobe to fit into the smaller closet, but I felt better once I did it!”