Transform Your College Room Into a Christmas Wonderland

Transform Your College Room Into a Christmas Wonderland

Get yourself and your living arrangement in the Christmas spirit with the help of Target’s holiday decorations.

There is nothing quite like the holidays. A contagious lively spirit fills the air during the winter season. We have time off from school to spend at home with our families and friends who we haven’t seen in a long time. Everyone is filled with overwhelming excitement around gift-giving, and there is lots of anticipation about completing annual traditions. Even though most of us will leave campus in the middle of December once final exams conclude, we’ll still have time in Gainesville in which we can celebrate the holidays. It is up to us to get ourselves in the best mood before going home to celebrate. Our environment significantly impacts our ability to get into a cheery magical mood. According to the Newport Institute, an organized, clutter-free and welcoming room fully improves one’s mental health. Bright colors, natural light and incorporating nature into your space can help, too. It would be best if you improved your environment to enhance your well-being. Here are my favorite Target Christmas decorations that will get you and your college room in the unbeatable Christmas spirit:

1. 24” Unlit Tinsel Artificial Christmas Tree

What is more Christmas than a Christmas tree? I know that I am sad to miss decorating my family’s 12-foot Christmas tree that takes over our entire living room, so why not have my own? Target offers these artificial miniature Christmas trees in many colors, including pink, silver, gold, red, white, green and green with flocking. For only $10, you can have your own tree that you can decorate to your liking. Even better, this tree is small enough to fit on your desk or nightstand. You cannot go wrong with this Christmas classic. 

2. 25ct Round Mini Christmas Tree Ornament Set 

Decorate your miniature tree with these round mini ornaments ($5.00). This pack of 25 comes in eight colorways, including blue/beige, brights, gold, gold/red, metallic, pink/white, red/green/gold, red/white/silver, silver, blue/red/pink, red and black/white/gold. Of course, the pink/white pack is my favorite, and the ornaments will go perfectly on my pink miniature Christmas tree.

3. Metal Glitter Crown Christmas Tree Ornament

This glitter crown ornament ($3.00) is totally glamorous. It comes in gold, silver, blush and white, which is necessary for any queen’s tree. 

4. Sequined Ball Christmas Tree Ornament

If you want to spice up your miniature tree, add a sequin ball ornament ($3.00) in either pink, blue or white. These elegant ornaments will elevate your tree and make it extra boujee. 

5. Sequined Ball Christmas Tree Ornament

This metallic multi-colored sequin ball ornament ($3.00) gives all of the disco vibes. If you can’t tell, I love anything pink, metallic or shiny. It also has hints of all colors which will match almost any tree. 

6. Sequined Heart Christmas Tree Ornament

There is definitely a glamour trend with the Target Christmas decor that I love this season. This gold sequin heart ornament ($3.00) is so glitzy. It also comes in a star shape ($3.00). 

7. Okuna Outpost 6 Pack Disco Ball Christmas Tree Ornaments

This product is on the pricier side, but that is because it is a pack of six disco ball ornaments ($20.99). Disco balls have become more popular recently due to the resurgence of ‘70s fashion and the famous theme disco cowgirl. 

8. 16” Faux Fur Mini Christmas Tree Skirt

You can’t have your own mini Christmas tree without a mini tree skirt ($10.00)! This adorable faux fur skirt is soft and chic. It adds a stylish touch to your Christmas decor. You can also spot or wipe the skirt clean, which is ideal for college students. 

9. Mini Star Treetop LED Lights with Battery Pack 26in Lead in Wire

This mini star tree topper ($5.00) is the ultimate decorative touch to complete your personal miniature tree. The star comes in gold, silver and multicolor. This shiny star can be seen from far away as it lights up.  

10. 16” Tinsel Christmas Wreath with Shatter-Resistant Ornaments

Share the holiday cheer with your neighbors by dressing up your front door with this tinsel wreath ($10.00). You can go with either a green, white, blue or metallic tinsel wreath.

11. 22” Flocked Artificial Christmas Wreath with Bright Ornaments

This flocked artificial wreath ($20.00) is for those who desire a slightly larger and fancier wreath. The blush pink, turquoise, green and red ornaments add color to the wreath covered in fake snow. You can hang either wreath with this wreath hanger ($5.00) that comes in champagne gold, black, silver, red and rubbed bronze. 

12. Faux Fur Christmas Stocking

Another Christmas decor staple is a stocking. I love that the stocking ($15.00) is faux fur which matches the tiny tree skirt. 

13. Sherpa Shaped Christmas Tree

You can’t forget to decorate your bed! This sherpa Christmas tree pillow is so plush. It is a classy Christmas-themed decoration that can match all bedding. 

14. Value Plush Holiday Print Blanket

You will want something soft and cozy to snuggle when the temperatures drop. This plush holiday blanket ($15.00) comes in five patterns: snowflakes, dogs, windowpane, Santa Claus and fa la la. They are selling fast, so get your holiday blanket soon!

15. Northlight Blue and White Snowflake Gel Christmas Window Clings

Window clings are a classic decoration for dorm rooms and apartments. They are easy to put up and take down and can quickly transform a space. These snowflake gel clings ($8.99) can be used to decorate your windows, mirrors or fridge. 

16. Northlight Let It Snow Santa and Snowman Gel Christmas Window Clings

These let it snow gel clings ($8.99) are super cute for dorm rooms or apartments. I love that these gel clings are colorful and have snowflakes and two snowmen. 

17. 25ct Incandescent Mini Christmas String Lights

These string lights ($2.00) are an affordable and bright decoration that can be hung almost anywhere in a dorm room or apartment. I love that you can choose to either buy multicolor or white lights but can also choose between a green or white string. 

18. Northlight 10 B/O White Snowflake LED Candlelight Clear Christmas Lights

Snowflakes are a perfect decoration for the winter season. These snowflake string lights ($13.00) are four feet long and will amplify the upbeat feel of the holiday season in your college living space.

19. 2pc 6’ Decorative Sisal Bottle Brush Tree Set Pink/Red

You can’t go wrong with anything pink, especially this little bottle brush tree set ($5.00). I love these lightweight, flocked mini trees. If pink isn’t your thing, you can also buy this tree set in blue/green ($5.00), green ($5.00), natural ($5.00) and red/burgundy ($5.00). 

20. Glass Tabletop Tree

This glass tabletop tree ($10.00) is worth it because of the different bold colorways, including bright pink, light pink, bright red, dark green, lime green, mint, blue, gold, rose gold and silver, that can liven up any room. There is a tree for everyone!

21. Tabletop Honeycomb Christmas Tree with Tinsel Decoration Kit

This decoration is also an activity. The tabletop honeycomb Christmas tree ($5.00) includes the ornaments, star and tinsel. The materials are paper, so the decoration shouldn’t be a safety concern like the glass decorations. 

22. 12ct Modern Merry 8.5” Meal Plate

I dread washing dishes in my dorm’s communal kitchen. These present plates ($12.00) will save you from that and spruce up your meals.

23. 20ct Modern Merry Lunch Napkins

These present napkins ($3.00) match the paper plates and will allow you to eat in your dorm or apartment in holiday style. 

24. Meri Meri Patterned Christmas Tree Plates

If the present patterned plates aren’t your thing, these patterned Christmas tree plates ($10.00) are sure to be up your alley. This set of eight plates will make you feel merry and bright. 

25. 1’6”x2’6” Christmas Tree Door Mat Green

Festively welcome your friends into your dorm or apartment with this Christmas tree-patterned door mat ($13.00). This mat will bring holiday cheer to those who pass by and get your neighbors into a joyful Christmas mood. 

Nobody can deny the feelings of joy and excitement around the holidays. Now that we are away from home, it is up to us to continue the Christmas spirit. These Santa-approved Target Christmas decorations will transform your room into a wonderland and elevate your mood this winter.