We bought a rundown house & transformed it into a dream home with an insane view people are ‘obsessed’ with

We bought a rundown house & transformed it into a dream home with an insane view people are ‘obsessed’ with

DREAMING of transforming your property into the home of your dreams but lacking inspiration?

A couple have shared their home renovation journey after they turned a derelict Victorian house into an adorable cosy cottage.

We bought a rundown house & transformed it into a dream home with an insane view people are ‘obsessed’ with


The house was falling apartCredit: tiktok/cottagerenovationcwmrhys
Plaster was peeling off the walls


Plaster was peeling off the wallsCredit: tiktok/cottagerenovationcwmrhys
The transformation is incredible


The transformation is incredibleCredit: tiktok/cottagerenovationcwmrhys

Dominique and Shaun shared their home renovation journey via videos posted to their TikTok channel @cottagerenovationcwmrhys.

In “before” pictures of the house, it is extremely derelict, with crumbling walls and plaster peeling from the roof.

Wires hang dangerously from the roof and the limited furnishings are outdated.

Despite it’s derelict state, the couple fell in love with the property because of it’s stunning countryside views and Victorian features.

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The couple set about transforming the property straight away.

They completely gutted the building and stripped it back to it’s internal walls, which allowed them to uncover some original stone walls, which are now a key feature of the renovated house.

They also added a double story extension and reconfigured the whole layout of the property.

The name of the house, Cwmrhys, which is situated in Lampeter, West Wales, translates to “a mess” in English, but “after” pictures of the renovated home show that it is anything but.

Shaun is a carpenter by trade so was able to do a lot of the work himself, bar the electrics and plumbing, saving the couple plenty of pennies.

Pictures taken after the renovation show a completely unrecognisable cottage.

In the living room, stylish wooden flooring has been added in as well as a wood burning stove, to keep the couple nice and cosy on winter evenings.

In the dining room, modern string lights hang from the ceiling and large patio doors open out onto a breathtaking view of the rolling Welsh hills.

In the bathroom, a tiny shower has been replaced by a gorgeous standalone white bath, with a matching sink.

TikTok users raced to the video’s comments section to praise the couple’s home renovation.

One user said: “Your style is my dream for our next home! We move in a month or so!”

Another user added: “Feels like home for me in every room!”

A third user chimed in: “This is what I want! Great work, really elegant, classy and stylish.”

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The view is breathtaking


The view is breathtakingCredit: tiktok/cottagerenovationcwmrhys